Legal services


Our firm provides the following services:


  • Drafting and negotiation of all types of contracts

(User terms and conditions, contract and IT charters, copyright assignment agreements, trademark licensing agreements, etc.)


  • Drafting legal consultations for and advising clients

(Feasibility study of innovative projects)


  • Legal compliance audits and support

(Contract audits, website audits, data privacy audits, and legal support for GDPR compliance).


  • Performing a wide variety of formalities to independent authorities and institutions (CNIL, INPI, Asip-santé, ACPR).


  • Managing trademark portfolios.


  • Pre-litigation/ Litigation

(Debt collection, infringement, unfair competition, trademark opposition, domain name transfer ; Legal and pre-litigation advice on matters regarding fight against computer fraud and cybercrime).


  • Individualized legal and regulatory surveillance (monthly, quarterly, etc.)

Data Protection/Privacy Officer (CIL / DPO)



The Sfez Avocats law firm has been as a Data Protection Officer and assists several companies on a daily basis with their data privacy processing compliance obligations.


In-house counsel in companies  



We regularly carry out internal in-house assignments. 



Lecture, training, public awareness workshops and interview


The Sfez Avocats law firm gives numerous lectures during seminars and professional event for digital players.


Betty Sfez is a lecturer in economic security (“EUCLES”) accredited by the Department of Strategic Information and Economic Security (the “SISSE”). She helps small and medium-sized companies to protect their information as assets.


Furthermore, we provide in-house training. The topic (client data security, digital marketing, etc.) and the duration of the training (half-day or full day) varies according to the client’s needs. Numerous educational tools are used (individualized case studies, questions & answers, fact sheets, practical guides, etc.).


For this purpose, the Sfez Avocats law firm offers, through a partnership with the OPFOR Intelligence Company, training to small and medium-sized companies’ managers about “Digital security, safety and legal risks”.